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Adam was in charge of booking the honeymoon. A winter wedding meant a nice, warm spot was in order for him and his new bride. Nichole was not one to be super organized, and she never got around to getting a passport. At the last minute, Adam decided to book a lovely resort hotel in Nevada, just outside Las Vegas. He didn’t do a lot of research, but it seemed to have very positive reviews.Adam had his suspicions when they arrived. He realized that the hotel had a casino and a few other unexpected amenities, which were different than what they were used to in the Midwest. His new bride, Nichole seemed happy, though so Adam tried to let it be. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something about the hotel that was a little off.After Adam and Nichole dropped their bags, they anxiously consumated their wedding vows. They had already done that after the ceremony and in the airport and on the plane, but this was their first time as a married couple in an actual bed. Shortly after Adam had cum, spraying his seed deep inside his pretty young wife, Nichole jumped up from the bed.”Shit!” she huffed in a rush. “My massage!”Adam had thoughtfully booked his wife a 90 minute, poolside massage as a treat. He waived her away and fell asleep in the afterglow of his orgasm. A short while later, he was awoken by a text message from Nichole.”Are you sure about this? This massage is…a big deal,” she wrote.”Yes! Go for it!” he wrote back. He was that their wedding was behind them and they no longer had to watch every little penny.”Really? Are you sure?”“Have fun, you deserve it, sexy pants,” he told his young wife.Just as Adam was about to solve the mystery, a weary but ecstatic Nichole came in. She was barely wearing a white silk robe, her breasts were clearly visible and her pussy flashed as she walked. Without a word, she wrapped her arms around her new husband and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh my god, that was fantastic,” she whispered. “That was EXACTLY what I needed, baby. I’m sooo glad you allowed me to do that.”

Ted disappeared into the master bedroom, listening through the door. He heard their voices and a lot of nervous laughter for a short while. Suddenly, everything went quiet. Ted went crazy wondering what was going on. He didn’t have to wait long.”Oh fuuuck. Holy shit!” he heard Ryan moaning. It sounded like they were still in the living room. ”Wow. You’re really good at sucking cock,” he moaned.Ted heard his wife moan and giggle in agreement. Ted suddenly wished he had a nanny cam in the living room. Instead, he cracked the door and tried to listen from down the hall. He could hear his wife’s slurping and moaning as she worked the strange cock. Her moans soon became more intense and forceful.”Gruuuugh!” she gasped. Ted could imagine the spit and precum dripping from her lips as she moaned over Ryan’s wet cock. ”Oh fuuuck! Yess, baby. Finger my pussy!” Gina pleaded. Soon, her cries were again muffled by Ryan’s cock filling her mouth.Ted jerked off listening to his wife and her stud pleasure each other. He sprayed the back of the door, almost fainting as he came. Soon, he heard his wife and Ryan change positions. Ryan had apparently cum and had his face buried in Gina’s pussy.Ted could hear the wet, slopping sounds of Ryan eating out Gina as she lay there motionless. Her mind was floating down an orgasmic, blissful, river as her new lover savored the taste of her body.Ted’s was hard again and he was jerking his cock, imagining the scene a few feet away. The noises seemed to fade away and Ted leaned forward, straining for a hint of what was happening.Ted heard Ryan say something, but couldn’t make it out. Then he heard his wife say, in a dreamy, glazed voice, “No. I don’t care. I need you inside me. Just put it inside me!” Ryan quickly did as he was told and Gina soon exploded, gasping and screaming as Ryan’s long, thick cock slowly invaded her tight pussy.